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The School of Dance understands how challenging it is to satisfy the physical, intellectual, and social needs of your child.

We have created a dance studio for children of all ages and abilities to learn life skills through dance.

The School of Dance believes every child deserves their own place to THRIVE and BELONG.



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When we talk about our mission of belonging, we really mean it. 


Taking a dance class involves bravery, creativity, resilience, and commitment. We believe that if you feel happy and safe in dance class, the rest will fall into place. 


We wanted to share a little about our story, and see what we can do to make you feel more safe and joyful as part of our studio family. 


I remember when I was your age dancing in the studio; nothing made me feel more free. When I (Kylie) pursued co-owning and running The School of Dance with Courtney Jacobsen, who has since moved on to new adventures, it was a studio with a legacy beginning in 1972! In fact, I began my dance education at the original School of Dance run by Ms. Suzanne Stott, a compassionate and belonging-focused dance educator. Taking on her business of educating young artists, both to be dancers, and capable, joyful humans was and is a tremendous undertaking. I selectively hire faculty who practice whole-person dance education. Our faculty  support our mission of belonging in the classroom and beyond. 


Without you, we would not be The School of Dance. Your individuality is what makes us a strong community of artists. We are honored you are with us, and cannot wait to share more magical moments with you in the studio. 


Do you have unanswered questions about our studio policies? Visit our FAQ page here.  If you have further questions, please don't hesitate to call or text (801) 652-2887

Remember: Happy People Dance! 

Kylie Mimitz, Owner

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