How much is tuition?

$50 per month for 1 hour per week  (most dancers take for the entire dance year Sept-May)

$30 annual Registration Fee

There is a discount for multiple classes, and multiple students per family.  For more detailed information please contact our office.  


Can I sign up for auto-withdrawl?

Yes, absolutely.  This is the easiest for both us and you.  It is really simple through our online registration page.  If you have any trouble, a member of our office staff would be happy to set it up for you. 


May I pay with a check or cash?

Yes, however we ask that you pay for the semester (Sept-Dec or Jan-May) or the entire year (Sept-May) if this is your perferred method of payment. Any payments received after the 10th of the month will receive a $10 late fee. 


Will there be a recital this Spring?

Yes, this year is a BIG recital June 6-8  We are on an every other year system for big recitals.    


How much are costumes?

This year 2018-2019 the costumes rental fee will be included in the recital fee. 

$100 /student for the first class. 

$25 for each additional class. 


Do we get to keep our costumes?

NO, all costumes are rentals and belong to the School of Dance . 

What is a combo class?

A fabulous introduction to dance.  A little tap, a little ballet and some basic tumbling.  


Does my toddler need to be potty-trained?

No. But they must wear a pull-up and go to the bathroom BEFORE each class.  Sometimes we are having so much fun, that they don't want to stop and use the bathroom and we have accidents... so, I would recommend a pull-up for those newly potty trained as well.


Where are you located?

1400 S Foothill Drive.  Above Stein Mart, next to Core Power Yoga. 


What is COMPANY?

A contemporary, Jazz and Hip Hop performing group.  Dancers must be 12 years old by Dec 31, 2017to audition. Auditions are May 19th 9-12 noon at the studio.  Please come prepared with a :30-:60 solo, and ready to learn choreography.  


What is CREW?

Flavakids are our most advanced breakdancing students.  CREW kids take weekly class and are encouraged to attend open practice an additional 2-3x per week.  CREW kids compete at our monthly battles, hosted on the last Friday of each month as well as various other battles and events around the valley.  Flavakids is by teacher placement only. \


Have a different QUESTION than one answered here?  Email us...we would be happy to help answer your questions.