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Welcome to The School of Dance in Salt Lake City, Utah, where our mission is "You Belong Here." We provide a nurturing environment for dancers of all ages and styles—from ballet to breakdancing.


Our dance classes in Utah foster creativity, mental health, and inclusivity, ensuring every dancer feels valued and supported. Guided by expert professional instructors, students hone their skills and discover their unique potential.


We prioritize performance opportunities over competition, celebrating each dancer's progress in a holistic and supportive atmosphere. Join us for premier dance classes in Utah and experience the joy of movement in a community that cherishes every dancer’s journey.




At The School of Dance, we offer a diverse range of dance genres & class levels to suit every dancer's passion and interest. Our classes include Ballet (classical and contemporary), Jazz, Acro, Cheer, Hip Hop, and Break Dancing.


We also offer class options that include Preschool, Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Inclusive exploratory dance classes, introducing young children and those with additional needs to the joy of movement and dance.

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Our Company & Crew performing groups at The School of Dance are a core group of talented dancers that are looking to accellerate their dance journey into gaining invaluable performance experience throughout the year. By audition only, our C & C showcase their skills at venues across the Salt Lake Valley.


Our dancers have been invited to perform at stadium halftime performances at both the college and professional level (Utah Jazz), as well as invite-only events with local performing arts groups such as Rose Wagner, Capitol Theater, and Repertory Dance Theater.


Our non-competitive environment emphasizes personal growth, body positivity, and mental health, allowing Company dancers to flourish as both artists and individuals. With a focus on conditioning and flexibility, we ensure every dancer feels supported and celebrated on their journey to becoming accomplished performers.


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As dancers grow beyond the skill level of our rec dance classes they can autition for Company to accelerate their dance training. Company dancers at The School of Dance exemplify dedication and excellence across various dance styles, including classical and contemporary ballet, jazz, acro, and modern and attend classes multiple times a week in order to prepare for an exciting performing season.

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For those looking to elevate their skills in hip hop and breakdancing, our Crew program offers the perfect opportunity. Crew dancers at The School of Dance attend multiple classes each week to refine their hip hop moves and breakdancing techniques, preparing for a thrilling performance season.


They showcase their expertise at various events and join community breaking battles, many hosted by our school, collaborating with different break dance crews across Utah. Our supportive, non-competitive environment fosters personal growth and artistic expression, allowing each dancer to thrive. Join our Crew and take your dance skills to new heights.

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