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As of April 1st masks are optional 

- Sanitation Station outside of the studio door -- Everyone will sanitize their hands before entering the studio
- Mask up! -- Masks continue to be required for everyone aged 3 and older who enter. Please mask up BEFORE entering the studio

  (We know our Toddlers are doing their best.)
- Dancers Only -- For the month of January only dancers & staff will be allowed in the studio unless it is the dancer's first class            
- Safe Drinking Fountains -- Paper cups are used at the drinking fountains instead of drinking directly from the faucet
- Clean Space -- We continue to throughly clean our studio each day and high-tough surfaces between classes
- Consulting Professionals -- We are talking to many of our dance parents who work in the healthcare field to get insight on how to best 

   keep our dance family safe
- All staff are vaccinated and masked 

What We Are Doing

What You Can Do

- Enter into the studio with your mask!
- STAY HOME if: You or a family member has tested positive for COVID or you are waiting for a COVID test result or you have any symptoms.

   Better safe than sorry! 
**We are more than happy to offer make-up classes to those who have had to stay home to keep our dance community safe. Let's work together! 

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