2022 Recital FAQs


When is the recital?

Thursday, May 19th and Friday May, 20th. Find your Cast. 

Where is the recital this year?

The Capitol Theater. Click here to see the drop off location. 

What time does the recital start? 

The recital starts at 6:30pm. Theater doors open at 6:00pm and Lobby Doors open at 5:30pm.

See your child's call time here.

What should my child wear to the recital?

Anything they were given on picture or rehearsal day. Clothes that are easy to change. Bring dance shoes and their black School of Dance shirt for the finale. See any specifics in your "All Things Recital" email.

How should I do my child's hair?

Up and out of their face so you can see their face and they aren't distracted when dancing. 

Should my dancer wear makeup? 

Make up is optional

Are face masks required at the recital?

Face masks are not required but anyone is welcome to wear one. 

Will there be a recording available for purchase?

Yes, we will be recording the recital and it will be available to you for purchase.

Are there classes the week of the recital?

We will only have classes on Monday, May 16th. No other classes will be held Tuesday, May 17th - Saturday, May 21st

The last week of class is May 23rd - May 28th. 



How do I buy tickets?

Tickets are sold on arttix.org

Do I need a ticket for my baby?

If your baby/young child is sitting on your lap you do not need a ticket for them.

Do I need to buy a ticket for my student in the Toddler class?

You should have received a code to purchase your toddler a class. If you need that code, email info@theschoolofdanceslc.com 

I am not seeing an option for the child discount

You must call (801) 355-2787 to purchase tickets at the child pricing. 


See all information about pictures here. 

Still have questions? Email us at info@theschoolofdancelsc.com or text us at 801-652-2887