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Expression and style-specific structures emerge: ages 5-10.


age: Kindergarten 


Dancers receive instruction in ballet, creative dance, and acrobatics through Our Story Magic curriculum. Students engage in the magic of famous narratives each month while developing deeper spatial awareness and sense of identity in dance.



Dress code:

Shoes: pink canvas ballet shoes

Clothes: footless tights &, solid colored leotard of choice. Hair: Pulled back neatly off of face & neck.


class days/times:

Monday 4pm

Tuesday 5pm

Wednesday 4pm

Thursday 6pm

Friday 4pm

Screen Shot 2023-03-08 at 10.09.35 AM.png


age: 5+

Dancers will learn classical ballet vocabulary, history, and technique through barre and center work while building strength and flexibility. Students will engage in study of musicality, artistry, quality, and formal class structure.



Dress Code: Shoes: pink canvas ballet shoes

Clothes: pink convertible ballet tights, and a solid colored leotard of choice, with hair neatly pulled back off of the face and neck if length permits. 

class days/times:

Ballet I Monday 5pm

Ballet I Wednesday 4pm

Ballet I Friday 5pm

Ballet II Monday 4pm

Ballet II Wednesday 5pm

Ballet II Friday 4pm



age: 5+

Jazz is a high energy dance form that focuses on strong lines, variation in style and presentation, leaps & turns, and performance. Students will learn progressive history, vocabulary, and classical / contemporary Jazz technique.


1 hr/week


Dress Code: Leotard or Fitted Tank, Leggings & Tan Jazz Shoes

class days/times:

Jazz I Tuesday 4pm

Jazz I Wednesday 5pm

Jazz I Friday 4pm

Jazz II Tuesday 5pm

Jazz II Wednesday 4pm

Jazz II Friday 5pm

BL6I0441 - Edited.png


age: 5+

Hip hop is a high-energy class that infuses the latest styles of street dancing, breaking, popping, and locking. Classes will encourage students to step outside of the box by bringing their own individual style and personality to the movements.

1 hr/week

Dress Code: Comfortable clothing and clean sneakers

class days/times:

Hip Hop I Monday 5pm

Hip Hop I Tuesday 4pm

Hip Hop I Thursday 4pm

Hip Hop I Friday 6pm 

Hip Hop II Monday 4pm 

Hip Hop II Tuesday 5pm

Hip Hop II Thursday 5pm



ages: 5+

Start with the basics, learn, grow and join the community of bboys and bgirls who are taking this art to a new level.


Dress Code: Comfortable clothes and clean sneakers

class days/times:

Breaking Basics I Monday 4pm

Breaking Basics I Wednesday 4pm

Breaking Basics I Wednesday 5pm

Breaking Basics I Friday 4pm

Breaking Basics II Monday 5pm

Breaking Basics II Friday 5pm

Breaking Skills Wednesday 4pm


Flavakids Crew Training*: 

Schedule TBA

*by teacher placement only



age: 5+ yrs

Acrobatics, or Acro for short, combines the beauty of dance and the strength of gymnastics in a partner sport that displays grace, strength, flexibility and excitement. Acrobatics is fun for athletes of any age and athletic ability.

Cheer utilizes strength, tumbling, and vocalization. Students develop the ability to perform complex, rhythmic routines and choreographed phrases that include energetic tumbling and cheers. 

1 hr/week 

class days/times:

Acro I Monday 4pm 

Acro I Thursday 4pm 

Acro II Monday 5pm

Acro II Thursday 5pm

Cheer I Tuesday 6pm

Cheer II Tuesday 7pm



Ages 5-18

Our Inclusive Dance adapts the dance classroom to welcome dancers with different needs. We focus on the developing students' basic dance vocabulary; postural control; organization and form within the body; traveling and mobility skills; movement dynamics; musical and rhythmic awareness; and sense of movement invention and improvisation, all within a safe learning community. 


*Inclusive dance classes are adapted to best differentiate instruction for your child, from our trademark Dance Alchemy curriculum, and Inclusive Dance UK. If your child needs additional adaptations, or you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to your child's instructor. We are here to support you! 

1 hr / week 

Dress Code: Comfortable clothes; bare feet or ballet slippers 

Class Days / Times 

Wednesday 6pm

Saturday 10am

Holding Hands
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